My friends call me Poofy

The nickname I inherited reflects my playful spirit and passion. I use it everyday to stand out and #GlowInsideOut. I light up the world through movement and music. 

Kicking off dance parties and shifting energy are my superpowers! Entertaining and creating is my lifestyle, bringing my energy to a variety of different projects, performances and events. I'm a powerhouse live stage performer, captivating actress for music videos and commercial branding.

Some of my features include dancing for Cricket Wireless and music producer Timberland's electronic brand SubPac

I've worked with well known artists such as Wyclef Jean, Rae Sremmurd, Ray J, Jonn Hart. Also giving time to independent artists Jake & Papa and FAARROW. I currently choreograph and dance for rising Latina artist Jenn Morel, where her Youtube videos have gone viral and hit over millions of views. 

As a professional dancer with over 10 years of experience in various styles (hip hop, jazz, ballet, dancehall, whacking, Latin and heels) I've trained with top industry choreographers and dancers working under Millennium Dance Complex.I attended Visual Performing arts schools elementary, middle and high school specializing in dance and vocal performance.

I'm passionate about spreading love and light through movement, both through dance fitness and education. I teach ages 5 to 65 and currently a traveling instructor at The Bay Clubs, Athletic Society, Crunch Gyms and Sky High Dance. I aim to work clients from the inside out while bringing my high- energy, banging playlists and grooves to the dance floor. 

Creative Production and styling are another part of my repitoire of work. I've asstisted alongside TV Stylist and host Alison Deyette for TV segments on KTLA, Marie Osmond, The Today Show and Oprah's Weight Watchers Commercials. Styling for live dance performances include Jonn Hart, Ray J and CSUN Hip Hop. 

When I'm not training and dancing, I listen to podcasts, explore nature hide-aways and work on my new found passion DJing!