“Vulnerability is the cornerstone of confidence

to be more of yourself.” - Brene Brown

What’s something you don’t let everyone know about you?

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be scary but it can also be liberating when you let go.

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Sometimes I’m so tired of putting up a pretty front. The industry I work in is all smoke and mirrors and my Instagram feed is consciously curated. I feel my work world is heavily glammed that when with friends or meet new people, I keep it as real as possible.

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So often times we don’t let our real selves show because we fear judgement, rejection and self- comparison. But we share that in common, we’re all healing from something. The best way to heal is to be vulnerable. Never be ashamed of what you went through.

Reveal your experiences, even if it’s little by little. I found my deepest secrets were better shared and it helped me heal those dark moments in my life.

Find environments and people you’re comfortable to express what you’ve went through. I guarantee you there’s someone out there that can empathize with you.

Let yourself be seen in all the ways you actually are. Emotions in the moment - crying, laughter, fear, shame. It’s a spectrum of feelings we can experience, allow yourself to go there.

Vulnerability takes courage to show up and be seen. Those uncomfortable conversations allow you to set the stage of frequency for yourself and others. You can write the script - to swim on the surface or dive deep.

Whatever you allow to be seen own your story. Share it with your whole heart. Love yourself through the process. We have to let go of fear and embrace self- compassion, release perfection. Practice engaging from a place of worthiness.

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If you’re not transparent with others, I hope you’re transparent with yourself.

And if you are transparent with others, I hope you’re just as transparent with yourself.