Staycation | Santa Moncia

When wanderlust hits you hard... that's your soul calling to be stimulated by a new environment.

A busy schedule or bank account won't always match the timing of to fix the travel urge. However don’t let it limit you the opportunity to expand your energy and explore!

Staycations are my favorite way to save money and energy from traveling, while still fulfilling that soul search in a new space. 



This year I gifted myself a birthday getaway and stayed at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica. It was steps away from the busy boardwalk where all these weekend activities pop off.  I got to ground myself in the sand, enjoy an ice cream cone and try out Acro Yoga!  Blessing yourself with adventure is the best self love you can cultivate.

After a busy day I always shift the energy and claim my space by lighting candles & charging with my crystals. Sleep is so necessary for recovery, so I allow myself time to roll around in bed. I lit up a joint and read travel magazines to fuel dreams of my next real trip.

To decompress from a busy day I drop in a bath bomb use my Herbalaria body scrub and soak for 20 minutes in a warm bath. I lather on love potion and meditate with my crystals.

Herbalaria Love potion No. 10

My favorite product to use as a reminder to myself to continually cultivate self love. It's beautifully crafted with the intention to attract love, enhance sensuality, balance energies, promote spiritual healing and bring forth passion. It's created in ceremony with a blend of essential oils, natural herbs & crystals. It's intended to complement the daily practice of self-love and self- care. 


Rose Quartz : Pomotes Love and healing

Clear Quartz: Amplifies other crystals and clears energy space 

Selenite: Brings in light and positive vibes

Gift yourself the time and energy you need to rejuvenate. You deserve it! 

XoXo Poofy