My 3 Cs to Chill Out: Cannabis, Crystals & Candles

If you're anything like me, you hustle so much it can be hard to unwind. My way  of winding down is still allowing myself to elevate. 

As much as the grind is good for your career success, so is taking a moment to fully marinate and enjoy the process along the way. The way I get excited to relax and step away from work is to plan a date with myself. And yes I fully indulge & seduce myself with my favorite things. 

My 3 Cs to Chill out- Cannabis, Crystals and Candles.



Smoking flowers is my favorite way to release. Indica strain to help relax my body if I've been doing a lot of traveling and dancing. Sativa if I want more a creative mind release. And sometimes a hybrid if its in the evening and I want a bit of both. Cannabis has always vibes with me and it helps let my mind relax from the overwhelming things I want to accomplish. 



The earths energy tools to help us heal ourselves. connect within and around us. They all have different shapes, sizes and properties but I ultimately use mine to heal, manifest and protect. My favorites clear quartz, rose quartz and selenite. (pictured above)

Clear quartz: stores and amplifies energy especially with light. 

Rose Quartz: attracting and keeping (self) love. I intently use mine to love my life everyday and the work I do as well as the people whom I work alongside. 

Selenite: Good luck and protection 




When I'm lit the aromatherapy from candles is heightened. To keep energy vibrating candles are my way to set the mood. I also love the smell in my room the next morning after a chill out night. I usually pair it by burning sage or guava leaves to clear the space and follow it with palo santo for protection. 



If you're not a cannabis enthusiast, indulge in other options. Wine or water with fresh herbs like mint or lavender. However you like to unwind, do it for you boo boo. #SeduceYoSelf! 

XoXo Poofy