Chakra Intimates

I carry crystals with me everywhere I go. They’re powerful earth energy tools to keep us aligned and help with healing. They make me feel charged and protected. It’s also been a fun hobby collecting stones, connecting with friends over what crystals resonate with them and what they feel they bring to their lives. I have them in my car, inside my purse, and on days when I feel I really need it… inside my bra.

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Chakra Intimates is an eco-friendly Los Angeles based lingerie line that has beautifully crafted Reiki-charged crystals hand-sewn into each piece.

The line features gemstones placed at key chakra (energy) centers to help energize and balance the wearer for mental and physical well being. 

Along with being beautifully well crafted its also sustainable. Modal is a fabric made from the cellulose of the beechwood tree that doesn’t require pesticides and is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world. Since the fibers are natural, it’s 100% biodegradable. The fabric is healthy for the skin and environment; the dyes they use are all vegetable based dyes.

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The Vitality Bra has Tourmalated Quartz. This crystal opens the Heart Chakra and invites forgiveness for any lack of compassion or thoughtlessness. It creates an energy that moves into your heart and effortlessly lifts your mind into complete joy. Rutilated Quartz strengthens the Solar Plexus Chakra to remove any sense that you have lost control of your emotions. It encourages your will to succeed at your biggest ambitions.

Everything is sourced locally in Los Angeles. The workforce are first- and second-generation immigrants and who have lots of talent. The men and women doing the cutting and sewing get fair wages and bonuses. The owner holds those values very high.

Chakra Intimates is also quite conscious about waste and packaging as every item comes in re-useable organza bags and they up-cycle fabric and lace to make eye masks, sewn by local seamstresses.

These pieces make thoughtful gifts for others or even for yourself (#SeduceYoSelf). Visit their website or Instagram and reach out to send a message to Krista. Let her know Poofy referred you to get a special friend discount.