When’s the last time you got a massage?

Chances are it’s been too long. We tend to think of massages as a treat but in reality it’s a service that our body deserves at least twice a month. If you’re more active it’s recommended to even do it 3 to 4 times a month.

Trust if I had the funds it would be happening on a weekly basis, but in the in between time frames I always foam roll as a quick fix to release tension. I’ll save that for another post.


  • Increases Muscle Elasticity - which helps with range of motion and flexibility

  • Increases Blood Flow

  • Improves Circulation and energy levels

  • Detox - helps release the lymphatic waste build up in muscles

  • Relax muscles from built up stress and tension

  • Helps recover from injures

  • Relieves anxiety

  • Relieves inflammation in muscles and joints

  • Happier state of mind

For me an even deeper state of relaxation comes from using CBD oil in my massage.

Herbalaria Maganja Oil is my favorite because it’s organic, vegan and has a high potency of CBD to help with stress relief. Its 170 MG of decarboxylated CBD, which makes it a very potent and powerful hemp oil.


Make sure to asses the type of massage your body needs at the time.

I always like to ask myself: what does my physical and emotional self need? I choose my massage technique based on the self assessment questions.



  • Swedish massage: Light and relaxing. Good for your very first massage experience

  • Hot Stone: Eases Muscle tension with heat and not a lot of pressure

  • Thai Massage: More active form of massage where some studios use their feet and body weight to massage. It incorporates stretching as well.

  • Deep Tissue: More pressure to help relieve tight muscles and injury recovery

  • Trigger Point: focus on knots where the body holds tension

  • Sports Massage: Treating injury and enhancing physical performance

  • Chair Massage: Focus is on neck, shoulder and back