Daily Glow: FRÉ Skincare

I'm active AF. I dance and sweat A LOT. In between teaching, classes and rehearsals, my face takes a beating with all the sweating and wiping down. I've been through a few product combinations but still couldn't find the right fit to keep my skin balanced, moisturized and protected. 


FRÉ is by far my favorite daily skincare system. It's the perfect set to help cleanse and repair my skin after working out and still leave it with a healthy glow. 

FRÉ is formulated for active skin that sweats a lot! It's made with organic Argan oil, leaf extract and stem cells to strengthen and moisturize skin. 



My favorite features: 

- Vegan and cruelty-free

- The cleanser has witch hazel which helps combat and calm breakouts 

- The toner is so light and smells amazing! 

-The moisturizer has SPF 30 which helps protect my skin. When I'm not on camera I choose to go all natural 99% of the time. I've so often times been on the go and forget to put on sunscreen and come home to see my face glowing with a slight sunburn. 

-For every set sold, the company plants an Argan tree in Morocco. In cooperation with the High Atlas Foundation it will benefit the Izourane Wouargane Women's Cooperative. It helps to improve the living conditions and empower the women who help harvest the Argan oil. 


The next 48 hours my code gets you 25% your purchase order. 

Visit the site: FRÉ SkinCare